Audit internet censorship.

Problem: Public internet access is restricted and certain content is blocked. However, the criteria for blocking certain content isn’t always obvious and the methods are often unknown.

Solution: Audit the content blocker systems from public internet access points.

1. Generate a test list

Create a list of websites you’d like to test or modify/reuse a pre-existing audit list we’ve developed.

2. Download & run script

Download and modify the Python test script to run against the test list you’ve developed.

Run the script from the public internet access point. This may take several hours depending on the size of your test list.



3. Analyze data

Determine which websites were blocked and which ones were not. Sort these by category and determine if any trends are apparent.



4. Publish findings

Publish your findings along with the raw results set.

Consider sharing these insights with your local government and on social media.