Service Requests

Hamden, CT

Last Updated: May 5, 2021

Quick facts

Since 2018, if you submitted an issue through SeeClickFix, you had a 38% chance for it to be unacknowledged by the Town of Hamden.

As of March 5, 2021:

There are currently 1,164 open issues that were submitted after 2018.

Year Reported Issues Closed Median Days to Close Average Days to Close
Total 2993 18 72
(YTD) 2021 122 4 13
2020 960 11 38
2019 882 31 83
2018 1029 22 108


The goal of this project is to increase transparency and improve service delivery by providing the Town of Hamden and residents with publicly available service request data.

Why this project?

It is important that the custodians of public information are not the gatekeepers of information. As the Sunlight Foundation put it, “disproportionate access to information is power.” In this sense, we aim to empower the public.

Although much of the SeeClickFix data is publicly available, it is difficult for the general public to generate reports and understand overall quality of service delivery.

Where can I download the latest available dataset generated by for SeeClickFix issues in Hamden, CT?

Download the most recent data scraped from SeeClickFix in CSV format.

To view the previous data and results from the 2020 analysis project using a similar data set click here.