Open Checkbook

Hamden, CT

Last Updated: July 7, 2023


The goal of this project is to increase transparency and improve fiscal responsibility by providing residents with easily accessible transaction level information for fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

You can view the full list of actual transactions for FY22 here. FY23 transactions will be posted once provided by the Town of Hamden.

Why this project?

Prior to her election in 2021, Mayor Lauren Garrett promised to publish “an open checkbook.” This promise remains unfulfilled. 

It is important that the custodians of public information are not the gatekeepers of information. As the Sunlight Foundation put it, “disproportionate access to information is power.” In this sense, we aim to empower the public.

Please contact the mayor’s office at 203.287.7100 or email rrampersaud@hamden.com if you think the Town of Hamden should publish this information on a regular and consistent basis.

Project Effort & Method

This project took approximately 1.5 hours of effort for OpenGovernment.io to complete. The Town of Hamden partially fulfilled this request after 50 days with redactions.

Effort breakdown

15 minutes: Call Tyler Technologies (Munis) to get instructions for exporting actual transactions

15 minutes: Submit FOI request along with export instructions to Town of Hamden

30 minutes: Create department mapping table based on Hamden adopted budget PDF

15 minutes: Upload source file to Google Sheets. Clean columns and create vlookup for department mappings in Google Sheets

15 minutes: Publish this page and promote it on social media

Where can I download the original source file without department mappings for FY22 Actuals in Hamden, CT?

Download the unedited source file in .XLSX format

This file was received July 6, 2023 at 5:30pm from the Town of Hamden subsequent to a Freedom of Information request.

Special Note:

OpenGovernment.io is not affiliated with the Town of Hamden. Any references to OpenGov in the actuals transactions list is a reference to the company OpenGov and not OpenGovernment.io.